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Dottie Lynn Parkway single-vehicle accident kills teen

A teenager from Arlington lost his life on July 3 when his car crashed into a tree in Fort Worth, according to a Dallas Morning News report.

According to Burton, Carpenter went to his father’s house in Arlington that Friday to get some things for himself, such as clothes, video games, and his guitar, to take with him on his way to his mother’s house a few blocks away. She received a text message from him at 9:43 p.m. Just over an hour later, at 11:10 p.m., Carpenter was found inside his car by police officers in the 2600 block of Dottie Lynn Parkway. Carpenter’s vehicle apparently veered off the roadway, and he then crashed into a tree. Police are conducting further investigations to determine what factors may have contributed to the crash.

The Fort Worth legal team at the Woodson Law Firm extends their sincere thoughts to the friends and family suffering from this tragic loss.